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“I submitted my bill through the app and received an email the next day notifying me that MedBill-IQ saved me $621 on my medical bill. I was pleasantly surprised about how quickly and professionally it was handled.”
– Boris Stevenson

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How it works

Making It Easy To Save You Money

With two beautifully made tools

Web Application

We've built an easy to use web application to seamlessly upload and track all your medical bills.

Mobile App

A dedicated mobile app that beautifully streamlines the process of capturing and uploading your medical bills. Begin the process of reducing your medical expenses in 3 simple steps.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the plan that is right for you with a 100% money-back guarantee.

One-Time Bill

$99 Processing Fee
30% commission
1 Person
Email Support
iOS and Android App
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$8 /month (billed annually)
$0 Processing Fee
0% commission
1 Person
Email Support
IOS and Android App
Unlimited Medical Bills
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$12 /month (billed annually)
$0 Processing Fee
0% commission
Up To 4 Family Members
Email Support
IOS and Android App
Unlimited Medical Bills
$49 per additional members
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Real Stories. Real Savings.

"I partially tore my left ACL while playing tennis. When I received the bill after my surgery, there were thousands of dollars in additional charges. These surprise charges left me feeling uncertain of how I would be able to pay the bill. After submitting my bill on the Medbill-IQ website, I was so relieved that they were able to negotiate my bill to an amount I could actually afford."

Alexandra Crosby
Saved $2,351

"I was in a car accident that resulted in a large amount of medical bills which I was struggling to pay. My employer offered Medbill-IQ as a benefit and I was able to use their services to review my outstanding bills. Medbill-IQ corrected multiple billing errors and quickly negotiated my bills down a significant amount. I was able to take care of the outstanding balance which took a big source of stress off of my plate."

Thomas Baker
Saved: $1,395

Since I’ve already had 4 knee surgeries from playing soccer, my doctor recommended me to try physical therapy before another surgery. I thought it was going to be completely covered by my insurance but ended up with a bill of $981. I submitted my bills to MedBill-IQ and within a week, they were able to reduce my bill by over 50%!

Kacie McCune
Saved: $501

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