About Us

MedBill-IQ’s mission is to reduce your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

Our Experience

With over 30 years in the healthcare industry, our team of medical bill examiners work with you to ensure services were coded properly and accurate information was submitted to the insurance companies for payment. Clerical errors on the medical provider’s side and over billing are main reasons the insurance companies reject payment, leaving you with a substantial balance.

How we work

If you decide to opt-in for our appeal and negotiation services, we work with your healthcare provider to amend billing mistakes and negotiate savings on your behalf. 


With increasing healthcare costs and frequent overbilling by healthcare providers, we are experts in analyzing medical bills to ensure proper coding and identify any billing inaccuracies. Our complimentary bill review service helps you determine your savings.


Our dedicated healthcare experts work with your healthcare providers to resolve billing issues and negotiate your bills to a manageable amount. Our mission is to reduce healthcare costs, one bill at a time.

Protect yourself from a medical disaster

Life happens. Don't stress over medical bills.
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