Alexandra Crosby
Saved: $2,351

"I partially tore my left ACL while playing tennis. When I received the bill after my surgery, there were thousands of dollars in additional charges. These surprise charges left me feeling uncertain of how I would be able to pay the bill. After submitting my bill on the Medbill-IQ website, I was so relieved that they were able to negotiate my bill to an amount I could actually afford."

Thomas Baker
Saved: $1,395

"I was in a car accident that resulted in a large amount of medical bills which I was struggling to pay. My employer offered Medbill-IQ as a benefit and I was able to use their services to review my outstanding bills. Medbill-IQ corrected multiple billing errors and quickly negotiated my bills down a significant amount. I was able to take care of the outstanding balance which took a big source of stress off of my plate."

Kacie McCune
Saved: $501

"Since I’ve already had 4 knee surgeries from playing soccer, my doctor recommended me to try physical therapy before another surgery. I thought it was going to be completely covered by my insurance but ended up with a bill of $981. I submitted my bills to MedBill-IQ and within a week, they were able to reduce my bill by over 50%!"

Boris Stevenson
Saved: $621

“I submitted my bill through the app and received an email the next day notifying me that MedBill-IQ saved me $621 on my medical bill. I was pleasantly surprised about how quickly and professionally it was handled.”

Igor B
Saved: $3,856

“After using the service, it was clear that MedBill-IQ really fights for the patient’s side. They saved me $3,856 in total on my bill.

Erik Silva
Saved: $6,842

“I sent my $7,000 medical bill using the app and received an email back the next day saying that MedBill-IQ reduced the bill down to $158! I couldn’t believe it!"

Yuri Brickman

“The app is really easy to use. I simply took a picture of my bill, uploaded it, and they send me my savings at the end of the week.“

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